hump day already... i will take it! lots of hot beverage drinking, semi-creating and  family snuggles.  I've been a little lax with 'grammin lately, guess it is that time of the year but it still one of my favorite ways to capture life.

mix of prints and color=perfect mid fall #ootd

if it doesn't have a vampire,werewolf or other supernatural being in it, i'm not reading it. sad but true, the caged series is a goodie.

finally semi-mastered a messy topknot. and still haven't gotten over my love of camouflage. I have to make myself not wear this sweatshirt everyday, so comfy and perfectly oversized.

my sister knows me well, scored this pillow on gilt with a birthday gift card she gave me. to say i am overly infuated with it is an understand, seriously i travel around the house e v e r y w h e r e with it to lounge on.



  1. Hey, I think it's great to be lax on photo taking from time to time. Good to not think about taking picture of a memory and just enjoy the moment.

    You are adorable as ever, and The pillow seems wonderfully soft.


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