a shot of Saadiq on the field with his team in their county semi-final game a few weeks ago at sunset. they won  their md state division yesterday at the University of MD for the third straight year. 

Synai scrappin' while we watched we bought a zoo, such a cute fun family movie.I love watching both of them create, they love art.

we actually put up our trees the day before Thanksgiving, Synai is always ready to help and full of excitement and Saadiq is in the background "fluffing" the tree.

trees no. 2= simple + pink.

finally, our first box of joe joe's....they were a semi-hit for us. They lasted almost a week  I am sure we are in the minority but we prefer the pumpkin bread mix a lot more.

kicking up my exercise routine, nothing like a good sweat every morning to start the day.

finally started my pages in my 2012 december daily and will share week one later this week but if you follow me on instagram you will most likely see a few more peeks of pages before then. :)  loving this print + stamp from tina's shop as well as marcy's flashcards that I printed on yellow cardstock.

fal la la,we are pretty excited around here with the Christmas spirit! This is my last full week on work for 2012 so I may have a bit more excited than most. This is a little peek of our life lately thru instagram.

has the holiday bug hit you yet? xo


  1. rhonda nickol4:22 PM

    Love the sneak of your daily Vee! I shopped all day Saturday and spent all of Sunday and some of Monday wrapping so I am very tired of wrapping and I have to keep reminding my self to enjoy it! Have a great week!

  2. wow..that first pic is amazing! love seeing your insta-life!

  3. You're in the gym everyday? I wish I had the motivation, but I definitely do not right now. Love all the random shots you do of your life, it reminds me I need to take more photos.

  4. love your kids, so sweet! That red ski is an AMAZING picture for Saadiq's football game! Wish I was there to see your tree and hang out, but I LOVED your message about coming here in February, let's set it up!! (Will you please do my DD? ha!)

  5. LOL @ "fluffing the tree". S2 is adorable, I bet she will be making all sorts of scrapbooks as she goes through elementary-highschool. Good job on getting to the gym. I signed up for 24 Hour Fitness back in October and it's been touch and go, although me and Dominic come down with stomach bugs, sinus infections, and cold viruses hasn't helped either ;)


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