ten things you don't know about me

i love these type of posts, its easy to hide behind your blog and photos sometimes. here are a few of my quirks and habits that make me, well... me. xo
-I always file my nails instead of clipping them. It is therapeutic for me and I always use an emery board.

-I like bite size food candy better, lol. Things taste better smaller to me like Reese's cups, chip's ahoy cookies.

-I can be stubborn but also very sensitive and so my sign..libra.

-I eat a salad every day.

-I like to load the dishwasher a certain way and almost always reorganize it before each cycle.

-I am a terrible liar.

-I love watching cartoons with and without S2.

-I love hugs.

-I listen to reggae everyday while I work.

-I love movies, we have watched 14 movies at the theater this year!

ps... doodles made with noteshelf (ipad) app, it's our new favorite app.


  1. so fun! i love this idea. may have to try this myself =)

  2. FUN! I know what you mean, I don't post a lot of personal stuff, other than peripheral stuff I did during the week. Do you eat a salad for lunch everyday or dinner? How do you like to make your salads? I love reggae & hugs too ;)

  3. These are rather phone posts to do! Thanks for sharing!

  4. fun! I like these lists, too!


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