I've been meaning to do this post for a while because these apps are some of my fav and are too good to keep to myself. :) If you are like me, you  too may be a bit of an apps addict.  Life with apps is so much easier and fun, don't you agree?  Also, I am a huge fan of great and free apps!

1. Safeway
This app is a $$ SAVER, if you have a Safeway grocery store in you area, you need this app. I save at least 38% on my groceries every trip. The app tracks how you shop so you get personal coupons based on the products you buy, plus their are general coupons on top of club savings ( triple savings). There isn't a greater feeling than seeing your final price go in reverse. :)

2. Blogger
I love this app for drafting  blog posts and ideas as I get them on the go so I don't forget them. I use it more for its draft feature and uploading photos directly from my phone to posts. I don't like posting directly from the app because the formatting is off so I save my drafts and upload posts from computer.

3. Tipulator
Great for calculating tips without looking like you are. ;) This app was one of the first apps I ever downloaded years and years ago, love that it has a split check component as well.

4. GasBuddy
Saving money where I can is important to me especially with gas prices being as high as they are. Love this app because it tells you all of the gas prices in your area and you can make the best consumer choice. You can also update prices to reflect the cost you see if the price has changed.

This app hasn't always been my favorite but in the last year it really has been beefed up. I love that I can set my DVR to tape my shows right from my phone or search the guide to see if  shows are new, a repeat or coming on as scheduled.

What are some of your favorite apps? I have the day off and about to take S2 bowling. We haven't done it before as a family so they a the pretty excited! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, yay for the extra long weekend. xo

*more of my other favorite apps can be seen here.


  1. I wish we had a Safeway, those are great!

  2. I've heard of GasBuddy...I need to look into that one!


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