review: where women create BUSINESS

where women create business

Today I would like to share my thoughts and a sneak peek at Stampington & Company's Somerset Studio newest publication Where Women Create BUSINESS.  As with all of  Somerset Studio's publications this one is simply lovely, well designed and inspiring. I love that this publication is more than a magazine but a guide for female professional  and novice artist to learn business lessons, tips and  how to make their business dreams a reality. I enjoyed reading the featured articles included in the inaugural issue. Each article offers amazing insight on what has worked for great business women from a myriad of backgrounds. I enjoyed seeing that diversity  especially the blogging column by Holly Becker.

where women create business

Above is a glimpse into Amy Butler's space; her personal advice on maintaing a personal + business partnership are awesome!  Below are a few checkpoints that spoke to me most:
  • honesty is the best policy
  • be good listeners and be respectful of each other's opinions and ideas
  • have set working hours, which is especially important if you work from home
  • be willing to change, adapt and evolve
I think these checkpoints can apply to business with friends or if you work from home with a personal business and being a consultant too.  These pointers can easily be applied to many in business for themselves.

 where women create business  

The photography is this magazine is art alone, I love the flow of articles and images. I am always drawn to photography (love the story and connection that a photo conveys) as I am a very visual person  The full page photos and mixture of photo sizes are a perfect balance with the articles in each feature. The above photo collage is a  peek into Design* Lab by ddg.  

I learned a lot from this magazine and look forward to buying the next issue. Where Women Create BUSINESS can be purchased at most bookstores or online at

Disclosure: I was sent a free copy of this magazine to review.   However the opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.


  1. Great review. I will check out their website and magazine for sure.

  2. oh wow!! looks amazing! love all of their mags, but this one looks just downright incredible!

  3. Wow this magazine looks awesome. I love magazines with gorgeous photos such as these. I typically purchase Kinfolk magazine, not sure if youve heard of it, mainly for the pictures. HA. I'm off track...

    Anyway, I will have to check out the website & magazine. Thanks for sharing and expressing your opinion of it Vee


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