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obsessed with these, well both S2 and I are actually. These lip balms provide the perfect wash of color + protection from the sun for those times you can't be bothered with lipstick  (e.g. gym, grocery store or coffee runs).  S2 loves peach kiss and wears it to school daily (perfect little girl color), but my favorites are pink punch (worn here to the gym) and cherry me

They also come out with limited editions tubes often although I haven't been quick enough to get any of them.  Don't the colors make you wish spring was here already? xo


  1. McKaylah has all those colors, she loves them. I have blue next to my bed, nice for in the middle of the night.

    How are you???

  2. I Really like your December Daily. Last December I made one, too, but with photos :)
    I'm happy when you visit my blog
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    Kaddi ♥

  3. Thanks for suggesting these. I went to Target this evening (for groceries...) Anyway, I was looking at make up and saw these, & my brain triggered back to this post. So I picked up a couple <3. Half of the shades were actually sold out.

  4. I bought three and cannot get enough of them!!!

    I'm a chapstick girl all the way.
    I loved when Soft Lips came out with tinted sticks, but they dried my lips out as bad as lipstick does.

    THESE do wonders! And smell good.
    My favorite right now is the Pink Lemonade. Smells like bubble gum.

    I need to pick up more ;)


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