i ❤ spring favorites

i love spring!

Spring is my favorite season and I am ready for it it make a more permanent appearance!  This snow thing when it's almost April business is not okay! :) Tomorrow we are heading out of town for the holiday and for some warmer temperatures hopefully too. It is too early for light layers but can't wait to shed the extra layers for a jean jacket or vest, oh how I envy you guys who live in warmer climates year round! A few items that are putting into spring fever mode: i love this essie nail polish, if you have been a reader of my blog for a while you know I have a slight obsession with mint nail polishes. I am not a floral print wearer (say that three times fast....lol), but I drawn to this elegant zara dress and really loving these clear free people sunglasses, the bigger the better, I say!

have a lovely and safe weekend! ready to see what april is going to bring.xo


  1. I am SWOONING over the polish and Steve Maddens. I like the jean jacket with a maxi dress look, but I always end up looking like a hick, LOL.

    1. girl please, i bet you don't! love them together and with solid dresses...try a black dress next time!

    2. I may have to try that ;). I'm on the thick side so a lot of times maxi dressing make me look huge, but I'll work with it & see if I can't make it work. (or you know, lose weight- lol).


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