kids in the kitchen // ♥

Happy Monday!! We awoke to a fresh blanket of snow this morning, which begs the question...spring where are you?! Luckily we will be escaping  the dmv's  weather roller coaster for warmer weather in South Carolina at the end of the week.

We kicked off the weekend with a little homemade cooking making on Friday. S2 love to kick and amazing enough love to cook together. Cooking is a great way to put those math skills to use and learn to work as a team. I love having them in the kitchen with me and watching them becoming more independent and confident in their baking skills. xo


  1. Maybe I need to do this, YUM!

  2. Looks yumm!! I started having each of my two kids pick a meal/recipe for dinner each week and writing the ingredients on my shopping list. Then they are in charge of preparing it with some assistance from me.

    1. that is a great idea Elizabeth, I am going to try to incorporate this into our schedule on the weekends! :)

  3. Were they making that fabulous looking cookie you instagrammed? & TAKE ME WITH YOU to SC, it snowed here Saturday, yesterday, and today. It didn't accumulate to much (oddly enough), but driving was still slick this morning >:(


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