currently // spring blossoms

totally in love with spring like always. I love how literally everything bloomed out in a span of two days because of unseasonably warm weather!   

nothings says spring in the dc area, like cherry blossoms. Our development has a few of them, including two outside of my bedroom window so I do not miss seeing the ones of the tidal basin as much.

beyond obsessed with succulents, a new one has been added to the fold in a my bedroom. they are safer here then anywhere in our home. they love the direct hot light that my room gets.  If you want a green thumb boost, I totally suggest getting succulents because you do not have to water them often and they love light! :)

a few branches off a flowering tree from our front yard, can never go wrong bringing nature inside. I love fresh flowers.
sending my thoughts and  prayers go everyone affected by the senseless act of terror in boston yesterday.


  1. i can't wait to get outside and start planting some flowers...hooray for spring!

  2. Are the plants called "succulents" or is that just a random word for plants? LMBO I've seen other bloggies use that term, and I'm never quire sure. I would love plant cactus or anything else I don't have to really pay attention to or prune.

    1. yes, they are called succulents. :) they make great houseplants, i think because they do not need a lot of water to survive, much like a cactus but without the needles. :)


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