pinner // organization

truth: pinterest is fueling me to become more organized.... yes true story and that everything looks more beautiful when it has a home and encased in clear acrylic. if you follow me on instagram you have gotten a peek at what I've been up to and it may be part of the reason that the blog has been neglected this week, along with a busy work week.   I plan on re-organizing and purging my scrap area too so I can feel balance which will  inspire me  to create. 

I do have some fun post next week so until then, happy weekend! xo


  1. I love reorganizing and purging. I'm a minimalist at heart. Too much clutter drives me mad (along with all of Dominic's toys...). My make up has been a mess, so maybe I'll look into organizing that soon!

  2. adorable collection...great wok


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