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Back to reality, hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! I enjoyed my days off and now the countdown is on for our family vacation in two weeks!  Today I am sharing how I now store my  jewelry and smaller accessories.  I have my pieces that I wear everyday on top of my dresser for easier access but everything else is stored in the below drawer.  I love this setup so much better because before I had jewelry overflowing in my jewelry tray and in various pouches in different drawers.  Now everything is all in one place! #ftw

Accessories Organization

I purchased two organizing units from IKEA from the GODMORGON storage series and I couldn't be more pleased with them.  The key to staying organized is to have a home for everything and being conscious of what you currently have in your collection.

Accessories Organization

The long divided trays hold my statement and heirloom pieces.  The trays are originally made  for the GODMORGON cabinet , which is slightly smaller than my drawer in width; in the extra space I added additional larger items to maximize every corner of space.

Accessories Organization

I love using pretty boxes to store items in the square compartments.  I can use the lid to update or change storage as needed.

Accessories Organization
S2 loves this new organization just as much as I do! I remember as a child loving to look thru my mommy's jewelry box just like she does now.

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  1. She looks so grown up! Love the accessories so neatly organzied!

    1. thank you girl!! :) xo

  2. I used to like to go through my mothers jewelry box too (still do occasionally).
    Loving all your organization posts <3


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