confession // rubylife

we are totally obsessed with her, look at that FACE!!!!  last weekend we saw her siblings and let me tell you the difference between them and Ruby is night and day! They are so chill and laid back, just like my cousin and did I mention quiet?!  Ruby is loud, playful, full of energy and a jumper-have you seen her videos on vine?   She is very inquisitive, loves to cuddle, makes herself be heard, loves to give kisses and love a good chase. :) We are so happy she is a member of our family. TGIF, so excited for episode 29 of Game of Thrones! xo


  1. As Dominic likes to call her "woobee!!!!"
    Having a dog seems like a ton of fun <3

  2. she is so CUTE!!!

    Just finished GOT a couple days ago and um< wow. Total shocker. Stayed up late last night and finished True Blood, ready for the next season this Sunday. And like you said, they didn't follow the books so closely, but Bill's true colors are coming out now!!


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