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This is actually the first area that I started organizing three months ago. I fell in love with the kardashian's clear makeup cube that is often seen on their show in their bathrooms years ago but didn't want to pay a lot of money for plastic essentially and functioned the same but didn't require a lot of space. I found these drawer sets at Target in the bathroom organization section (no longer available on line and stock varies in store).   They were the perfect size (small) to put on top of my existing IKEA storage unit and to utilize an otherwise dead area of space that was unorganized before.  I had previously walked by these countless times thinking they were too small! What in the world was wrong with me?! 

 makeup storage

I love being able to see some of my favorite products without having to search for the right item.  I believe that if it is out of sight, it is out of mind. Now, hopefully I won't forget about that favorite lip liner or eyeshadow. It is now a more functional space that puts all my favorites front and center.  

inside makeup storage

I have each section organized by product type, brand or size.  I am a big fan of re-purposing containers again for storage or using them in a different area of  my home.  The pencil container above is a glass tumbler from Anthropologie, as well as the chevron bowl below.  A beautiful glass candle container now holds my bigger brushes. To remove the wick simple pour hot water to remove the
remaining wax and wick, disregard once it breaks up and wash the container to remove additional wax to use as you wish. 

brush storage

The acrylic lazy susan was also found in the bath section of Target as well and helped an area of my very limited counter space to become more organized.  I love anything that spins, circular and well contained!  I love having everything within quick reach and organized.  It seems like 2013 is the year of organizing for me!

I've listed a few other acrylic organizing options in case you are a fan of clear storage as well!

4-Section Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

Muji Three Drawer Acrylic Case 

Muji Acrylic Pen Stand 

CB2 Sacking Boxes Set 

Who knew 2013 would be the year of getting stuff organized?! loves it, xo


  1. LOVE IT!! I needed an excuse to go to Target this week ;) I wouldn't mind setting my up my makeup, right now it's all stuffed in a drawer in the bathroom.


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