favorite makeup brushes //

favorite makeup brushes

ELF Studio Eye Contour Brush // Bdellium Face Contour Brush //Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki (face) // ELF Concealer Brush //Crown Kabuki Fan Brush // Real Techniques Shader Brush (eye)

here are a few of my favorite "drugstore" inexpensive makeup brushes. There are now a lot of great synthetic lines on the market that are great quality, make makeup application simple and easier on your pockets too. If you have questions please leave them below, I'm happy to answer and help! xo

ELF -  I love a lot of their line but not all of their brushes, the two above are my most favorite as of right now.  They can be found at Target and I've seen them at some Dollar Tree and TJ MAXX stores! I love the contour brush for applying highlight to the brow bone or buffing out concealer after I define my brows.  I find that it is too stiff for contouring the eye,personal preference but it may be perfect for you! :)  I love using the concealer brush as a lip brush in lipstick or gloss application ( i like to blend out my under eye concealer with my fingers). The small brush is perfect to assist with controlling the amount of product applied to the lips. You don't have to use a brush for what it is labeled for, I am always finding new ways to use my brushes that work best for my face and makeup application.

Bdellium-  I love this manufacturers eco-friendly line of brushes, all of their bamboo series are made with sustainable bamboo handles and have all vegan soft synthetic bristles and an anodized aluminum ferrule. I especially the the pink bamboo line and this contour brush works perfectly for applying blush as well. I use it more for blush application than contouring my face.  Always pick a blush brush that is comparable to the size of the apples of your cheeks, it makes application of products more precise.

Sigma - The Synthetic Sigmax line is amazing, I have two brushes from this line. The bristles are super soft and help to blend out foundations or cream products to an airbrush finish.  I love that synthetic brushes are easier to clean than natural hair bristles. Sigma also is known for their dupes of MAC brushes.

Crown Brush-  This Kabuki Fan brush is my holy grail brush for applying highlighting powders to the tops of my cheeks and along the outside of my eyes (think backwards c).  I use it daily, it picks up the perfect small amount of product every time, because I hate the disco ball look and with this brush it that never happens.

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman-  A superb line created by YouTube beauty guru and pro makeup artist, Samantha Champman.  Another amazing synthetic line that is affordable but you would think it cost more because of the quality of the product.  The brushes are super soft due to their ultra plush taklon bristles, which are hand cut.  The ferrule is longer on these than most brushes and are made of aluminum which makes them very light.  I have two of the shader brushes and use them each differently, one to apply highlight in the inner corner of my eye or cupid's bow of the lip. I use the second one to blend out color in on my eyelid.  They are always on (BOGO50) sale at ULTA but are also on Target's website.


  1. I need you to do my make up. I still have trouble not looking like a French prostitute... so many times I look in my visor mirror and am startled by my brightly colored cheeks-too much blush. At home I swear I didn't look like that, then suddenly AGH!, I look like a clown meets Moulin Rouge.

    1. you know we can play with makeup when I come out there in October! :) I can't wait!!


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