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I am totally de-stressed and relaxed thanks to our vacation down south last week,will always love southern hospitality! As I get back into the swing of things (and edit our vacation pictures), I thought I would do one of my favorite posts- instalife.

made the upgrade to the iphone 5 from it!

i don't know what took me so long to start drinking iced coffee, my new favorite summer drink (w/ nonfat milk).
ruby's favortie part of the morning is to watch S2 walk to the boss stop, she loves being on top of what is going on outside.

baking more and made this delicious homemade whole wheat (my choice to use instead of white flour) banana bread w/ a few guittard mini chocolate chips, used this recipe here.



  1. YAY for upgrading. I did it last year, but I insisted on having a phone with awesome camera quality ;). Plus I'm impatient. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation <3

    1. i never had an issue with the camera on the iPhone 4 but do love the camera for videos on the 5 much better.


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