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similar look for less | leopard flats

 H&M Leopard Shoes,//  Steve Madden (Ecentric) Leopard Flats

If you follow me on pinterest you know my love for all things leopard...rawr! I've been slightly obsessed over the steve maddens but the price tag was making me pump my breaks considering I am not a big sneaker person. The h&m pair is a perfect affordable casual solution. I wear flats mostly on weekends only and H&M is having a sale so pulling the trigger on these beauties is a no brainer! (save 30% one one item of your choice with the code 0901, ends 10/20).

my birthday is tomorrow, not sure what I will be doing but plan on picking up a bottle of wine on the way home, since I have the day off, wheee!


  1. I can't pull off animal print. I'm white, I'm pale, I don't know how to pair it with things, it just never works for me HAHA. I do like the look of it though (On other people). Happy Birthday! Enjoy that wine... & pardon me while I live vicariously through you.

    1. girl, yes you can!!! try it in little doses! Thank you for the birthday wishes. :)


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