things i'm loving right now | ❥

I've been pinning a lot lately, I love how instantly inspiring it can make you. These are some of my favorite pins at the moment. I am on an boiled egg kick lately, especially in my daily salads.  I think I will make the above with roasted peppers this weekend.

I am having a serious pink moment, loving all things pink and this pink coat is everything!

I am loving BIG geek chic glasses, and they look even more adorable on these little faces!

Wires of photos as a mood board, trying to get inspired to take more photos. I really have no excuse because I carry a PAS camera in my purse. I am going to stop being lazy and just do!

SJP always, will never stop loving sex and the city. Nothing makes  a day like SATC marathon!



  1. I could watch SATC all day any day. And even the ridiculous movies.

    1. one of the best female shows on tv ever!


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