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I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  S1 went on his first trip without us for football and had a wonderful time, which at first caused me much anxiety but I prayed (thank you for your prayers as well if you follow me on Facebook) about it and let go of my worries. Before bed last night he couldn't stop talking about the great time he had which made all my fears seem so small and easily forgotten.  Here is our life thru instagram over the last month, don't think I will ever get tired of this app!

ruby being as cute and feisty as ever, can't believe she is almost a year old!

S2 + I on a girly date at books-a-million, she loves webkinz // me reading the latest edition of domino magazine, so happy it is back!

weekend #selfie at a local restaurant to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I decided to grow out my bangs, can't believe I had them for over three years. This is my go to hairstyle, love the pouf!

reorganized my bedroom and craft area, will be posting more details soon!  I love it when inspiration strikes, this pin was the catalyst. 

favorite movie + creating, two of my favorite things!

xo ♥ wishing you wonderful week!


  1. Love the pictures, looks like you all are enjoying life lately ;) <3 I'm glad everything went great for S1. It's hard not to worry about our children when they are away from us.

    1. I am too, it is hard of letting go as they grow. have to trust that all will go well and they will be safe, still adjusting as you can see! :) xo


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