obssesed | bookcase styling

Christmas came a little early, in the form of this IKEA (vittsjo) bookcase, thanks to my sister! This is  a great shelf ( and a popular hack) that you can make uniquely yours by painting it gold or in a bright color but I liked it in it's straight out of the box color, black.  I love the clean modern lines of this piece. My living room has all dark furniture so I thought it would fit in nicely with the current color scheme and add pops of colors on the shelves themselves.  I must say that I was a tad zealous and put together the bookcase and styled it all in one late night. I've only changed a few groupings and added a couple of new items but other than that everything was pulled from different areas in my home.  It was dreary yesterday and I wasn't able to capture the top of the bookcase but I added a sphere and succulent on the top of the bookcase.  I have become quite obsessed with having the perfect amount of plants in each living area in out home. 

I love this handmade burlap zebra found at Marshall's, I have a slight obsession with TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Home Goods.  They are the perfect stores to find great glam and practical home accessories for affordable finds.  One tip that I have is that if you like something get it because each store carries different stock and you if snooze you definitely loose!

You may remember the above watercolor print in my scrap area unframed, it is now framed and has a new home. I love it here in the living room so much more for everyone to enjoy.

Each shelf has a little bit of gold, you know me....I can't help myself!  I love this gnome, purchased it at West Elm a few years ago. I also love the glitter flower made by Saadiq when he was in elementary school. 

hope you are having a merry christmas and happy holidays! we are on the road to nana's house. :) xo


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