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I've had this post in draft mode for way too long, so here we go! I am by no means a botanist but these plants are what works for my habits and home.  I posted an instagram earlier this month and had a few questions about the plants that I have in my home, more importantly the ones that I am able to keep alive! If you are like me and forget to water your plants or have a possible black thumb, then these types of plants may be for you as well.

Let's face it we are all busy with something in our daily life so it important to me to have things at home to be as stress free and easy as possible. This surely has carried over to my plant selections as well in conjunction with  location and the amount of light that enters my home as well.  My latest "plant baby" is below, it is of the jade variety and I love it. It lost a few leaves which I think is because of me learning how much water and light it needs.  This plant requires little light and much like my succulents can be watered once a week, e.g. likes to me ignored. Know your schedule and ability to deal with a low to high maintenance plant, once that is established I believe you cannot fail and are on your way to a green thumb! 

In love with my Nate Berkus x Target vase, check your clearance sections last saw it for under $10! 
( gold pot is an easy diy, leave comments below if you want an additional post)

philodendrons: loves light and can go for more than a week without water or letting the soil get completely dry between watering. It is also an easy plant to start a new plant with cuttings from it.

similar to baby sun rose: loves sunlight; water weekly allowing soil to dry out between watering,. I also have a desert cabbage plant that I care for the same.

I thought I would also give an update on my FLF, it has dropped almost all of it's leaves but has grown quite a few new leaves This plant has tried my patience and keeps me on my toesas if it is going to survive from one day to the next. I just want it to make it to spring, cross your fingers for me! :) xo


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