It's almost the weekend, yay!! I must say that after living thru the #polarvortex, I can't wait for "warmer" weather this weekend. I am used to cold winters but not this type of cold, brrrr!! What life has been looking like lately, feeling very nostalgic today because my father would have been 72 years old today if he were alive.  He is gone but never forgotten, happy birthday daddy.

weekend errands made simpler with a little starbucks in hand. totally love these asos boots from a few years ago, they have been my go to boot this fall/winter.

freshly chopped wood, it's harder to chop than it appears. mommy had a tree cut down on her property we helped her stack and kept her company. this is one of the stacks made by the tree service.

my two girls, S2 + ruby; they both love country life. my sister is an expert researcher and found out what bred ruby is mixed with, she is Chihuahua and Jack Russel Terrier mix = jackchi!

really enjoying the process of updating our home decor, started styling the coffee table this morning. I found it more difficult than it should be... I think it needs some fresh flowers and a vase for height! xo ♥ stay warm!


  1. Despite having to take down the tree, at least you were able to re-purpose it for firewood ;) I like you're styling, you'll have to take us on a full home tour sometime. Dominic has a hard time leaving anything a lone. I had tried to make it all cute on our console table, and he dang near knocked everything down (guess I can't expect much from a 3 year old ;-) )

    1. thanks! it is harder when children are smaller, but I've always had things out so S2 are used to it.

  2. Brandi2:51 PM

    We have a MinChi (min pin & Chihuahua mix). He's a handful but super duper cute, like your Ruby.

    1. i love the chihuahua mix! :)


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