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Products mention in video //  NYX (bloody mary)- // NYX (sweet pink)- // Revlon (stormy pink)- //Revlon (really red)- // L'Oreal (stubborn plum)- // L'Oreal (fuchsia orchestra)- // Maybelline (hot plum)- // Covergirl Divine Divine-

I haven't posted a beauty video in a while here, thought we may all need a pick me up since the weather has been so intolerable lately.  I am counting the days to spring, so envious of you Cali peeps!

I love a bright lip in the winter, it makes me happy. I talk a bout a few of my affordable brands from the drugstore in this video.  These brands do not skimp on the wow factor with color and are highly pigmented with a great wearable formulation. I had fun making this video, hope it helps you the next time you are in the makeup aisle. xo


  1. I was wondering if you were still doing your YouTube make up channel ! I enjoyed the video and you look awesome! I wish I could pull of the super bright lipsticks, but unfortunately they just look wrong on me. However, I can wear nudes and mauve all day ;) (i'm not exciting haha).

    1. yep still making them when I have time. :) thank you for watching them! Try putting the lipstick on with a lip brush so that you can control the amount of color that you are applying. :)

    2. Guess I'll have to go buy one ;) . I'm thinking if I get a bit of color to my skin/face in the summer it won't look so drastic-in-a-bad-way

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