dare 193 | before-after creative space

dare 193 is up and we are sharing our before and after of our creative spaces. as you can see I finally committed and finished up my january + february project life pages. it only took two months..... lol. but i am happy to be back in the swing of making. as you can see my before and after photos consists of me shifting piles of embellishments and not much clean up. that is how i roll, would love to see your photos too! tag them on social media with #efferdares! -xo


  1. Congrats on getting caught up. I did all of january and half of February and now nothing... :\ I'll get to it. . . I ought to share them on my page again.

    I like your set up! I wish I could have mine on a desk but SOMEBODY gets into all my stuff ;) So I manage to keep it stuffed in a kitchen cabinet. What's behind that door you have blocked off ?!

    1. it feels good especially with march almost finished! thank you, i had too....it's in my room but it works. :) My room is the master bedroom so this is the door to the upstairs bedroom, which is crazy because it is so close to my bedroom that the door is silly to use so i put my desk in front of it. :)

    2. I would love to have mines on a desk set up, Dom and I currently share a room, but if we move in a house and there isn't a 3rd room i will definitely stick it in my bedroom too. I may actually work on stuff more often if I did.

      That is silly! A door that goes between two bedrooms. I'm just being EXTRA nosy LOL I figured it was a double door to a bathroom or a closet you don't use - haha.


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