I am ready for warmer weather and longer days, yay to daylight savings time! :) I've been slacking on my project life and have January almost done, hoping to share it later this week. So on to the snaps...


I am slowing getting back into my pre-holiday eating routine. I love the holidays but they always put a kink in my eating habits. One of my favorite breakfast meals is granola, banana, honey + splash of milk.

#ootd, having fun mixing textures.

love this glamglow mask, seriously best ever. results are seen after first use (no wonder celebs love it).  I am amazed each week I use it (for some reason I think that it isn't going to work as well as it did previously), crazy, i know. looove it!


ruby tuesday, still as cute as ever! she is so spoil but we love her! -xo


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