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happy thursday, so happy it's almost the W E E K E N D!! I have a new layout to share as well as an easy technique about this project up at the come on get crafty blog today in our weekly why didn't I think of that serious. if you have a moment, please take a look. :)  finally feeling like I am becoming more balanced with all of my projects, learned at a work training seminar last week that it is impossible to do more than 2-3 things (goals or whatever they may be) extremely well. you may have noticed that is about the average for my posting here, once a week on youtube and then twice a month for urban romance. for me it is about balancing fun things that push me creatively, and keep me motivated and learning.  I think as women we are always juggling multiple events, projects, family duties and the like. how do you keep motivated and balanced? -xo


  1. I love your layout. I was trying to see your articles on Urban Romance, but I'm not sure how to just filter just your articles ?

    My blog helps me keep my sanity. That sounds weird, it should be that deep, but it's something that is all mine, keeps me pumped about taking pictures and other creative endeavors, and it's something outside of the realm of constantly work, mommy mode, work, mommy mode. I don't have a large readership, nor do I really do any major networking, but I enjoy putting together posts and sharing. Weirdly enough when I share my goals or dreams and put it out there I feel like I HAVE to follow through, so it keeps me pumped and motivated to follow through.

    1. shouldn't be* ___ it's 2am.. I really ought to be in bed, LOL

    2. lol, you are like me can't sleep so I surf the web! I usually tweet my articles but you can filter by author too. here is a link: thanks for the support girl! I feel you staying creative motivates me too and keeps me happy no matter the outlet. :) I love that blogs, twitter and FB can be used to stick to your goals and to be motivated.


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