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I loved the Oscars this year (along with 43 million other viewers)  and for once I didn't fall asleep while watching . I think Ellen did an amazing job as host and loved her interaction with the audience.  Some of my favorite moments were the pizza being delivered and eaten ( love this photo so much), Pharrell Williams performance and the twitter selfie. But my most favorite moments of the night were the inspiring acceptance speeches of the night. It is something to follow your dream and make them a reality but even more special when you have family to support you and share in your accomplishments. Above are a few of my favorite families of the night. Did you watch, what were your favorite moments? xo


  1. I'm sad I missed it this year, I LOVE Ellen. The pizza thing is hilarious.

    1. It really was, loved it when she came out in custom as Glenda the good witch too! :)


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