fashion file | spring favorites II

spring favorites II

S P R I N G looks like it is finally here to stay, I can hardly contain my excitement!!! I don't know about you but I cannot stand to wear boots another single day, so ready for skirt, bare legs and sandal weather for sure. Here are a few of my spring favorite
fashion finds!

  • I love the midi-full skirt trend for spring, wear it high waisted to make your legs look longer. Being a member of the short woman club, I love any fashion trick I can use to appear taller!

  •  Another go to fashion accessory  for me any season is statement jewelry, love this gorgeous necklace from Forever 21!You can never go wrong with layered pearls and I always look for adjustable clasps so I can control how long I want the piece to be on my neckline.

  • Graphic tee borrowed from the boys with a positive vibe.

  •  I've loved the Lavanila brand for years and was bummed when Sephora stopped carrying the brand. But Whole Foods is now carrying their natural deodorant. The vanilla and lavender scent is my favorite and I hope they will start carrying their body butter too in the future. It is the perfect  fresh scent to wear alone or layer with your perfume, the coconut scent is pretty amazing too! 

  • Nothing is cuter than a instant pastel camera to document your spring adventures! -xo


  1. That bag is ridiculously cute. I'm not so sure I could personally pull it off, but I love it none the less! I'm really into skirts this year too. I bought a maxi skirt with a funky opening at the front near the legs... hard to explain but it's cute, and a dress!

    1. I think I know the maxi you are talking about, is it like a twist or knot?

    2. No, but i liked those too!

    3. like these too, super cute!


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