happy happy friday!! quick post of what's been going down according to my instagram, follow me @strawbvee. :)

finally hot enough to make the switch to cold drinks, one of my favorites is ice sweetened green tea lemonade

love spring blossoms even when they are no longer on the trees. spring is magical and fresh, love this season the best!

another favorite iced drink (non-fat ice white mocha) with one of my favorite flannel tops, I think I love wearing them more in the spring!


a few of my favorite makeup brushes, love the pop of pink on the handles. I am a total sucker for cute packaging but these precision beauty brushes (found them at tj maxx) are awesome and affordable!! I posted a full review about them on my channel here, if you want to hear my thoughts on each of them.

have a beautiful and blessed weekend! -xo


  1. Love me some ice coffee too! & you find the BEST stuff at TJ Maxx. Apparently I should go more often ;) . Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. you should, can't beat the deals. that can be a good and bag thing. :) xo


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