a few saturdays ago S2 and me headed into the city with the rest of the dmv (after a l o n g winter, everyone had the same idea) to enjoy the nice weather and take in the city in bloom. we stayed on the mall where the crowd is a little more manageable and checked out some of the Smithsonian's gardens.  I finally snap my photos with my point and shoot camera instead of lugging my dslr (such freedom, yay) and learned to love what I saw with each snap instead of worrying about the technical stuff! it was a great day to walk, enjoy the sites and sounds of the city which was good because the next day it was windy, cold and rainy! c'est la vie, hope you guys had a wonderful easter weekend. xo

ps. do you see how tall S1 is and S2 carries a purse now, crazy how big they are now! :)


  1. I LOVE the photographs! And yes they are huge now :( Why do they grow up so quickly?
    The blooms are gorgeous and I'm glad you finally got some nice weather thrown your way! It HAS been a long winter.

    I gave my mom my point and shoot camera. I agree sometimes lugging around the DSLR camera is annoying- I did buy the 40mm pancake lens which makes my camera less heavy. sometimes though, like my Easter post, I just use my iPhone and make the colors brighter in photoshop, because it's SO much easier to deal with- especially when I'm also wanting to be in the moment. I like the DSLR for learning or when I'm less sociable and wanting to play with the camera.

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    2. thank you, they don't stay little for long! I have a Canon Powershot ELPH 320HS 16.1 (it has a wide angle lens and films in HD) but I think a newer version of it is out since I purchased mine last year. I LOVE it!


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