project life | march + april 2014

So happy to finally share my march and april pages with you today.  The weekdays are a whirlwind as well as my weekends which leaves me less motivated to scrap but I will have another page to share on the come on get crafty blog on friday (and here too)! yay!!!

I have to say that the colors that I used this month make me so happy (as I look at and write this post) and were not coordinated.  I just pulled basic cards from my stash that had mostly white backgrounds.  The Beggy Higgins Midnight Core Kit cards designed by Liz are still some of favorite cards to use.

left side | March
April was the month that spring finally decided to show up, lol. I've now switched over to some of my favorite ice beverages, sandals (thank goodness, finally) and experimenting with preparing  more fresh homemade easy recipes. 

right side |April
I love my job, been very fortunate to work for a company that does great things daily and keeps me inspired. S1 + S2 are growing so fast and really enjoying watching S2 grow into a pre-teen. I love using old supplies, I stamped the word moment onto the love you card, it is actually brillance galaxy gold ink but for some reason it photographed more orange. I love switching out my shoes each season, some of my current shoes in rotation. I went out of town for work as well towards the end of the month, it was a treat to have all of the vanity space to do my makeup each morning. :)

happy wednesday, thanks for reading! -xo


  1. I love your layout. I hope you share more of your fresh recipes as you make them <3
    I also love that you love your job that you are happy to be there all the time, it's not to often you hear people genuinely grateful for their place of employment.

    I think I may have to switch to a monthly layout next year too. It's not that I don't have the photographs to fill up my pages God knows I do, but the project in itself has become not so fun to me and a bit tedious at times. We'll see.

    1. thanks em, I will as I make them. I tend to cook "cleaner" in the summer! :) It helps that I work for a great nonprofit and each day is never the same. :) I love the monthly pages keeps me from not getting bored or overwhelmed.

  2. very cool work!!! love it


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