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Since purchasing my fiddle leaf fig tree last December I've had a few setbacks (leaves dropping and one broken stem) but I wanted to do an update on how it is growing currently.  It is currently flourishing, theses are a few tips that set my FLF back on the correct path! :)

  • My fiddle leaf fig loves light, so I placed it in my living room where most of the light enters the room daily. 

  • Consequently this area is also located right by a ceiling air vent, which from my previous research said not to place your plant next to vents because the FLF does not like drafts. I bunked against this rule because I wanted to test my plant and much to my surprise nothing bad happened! I try to keep it indirectly away from the vent so that my plant isn't getting direct air blowing on it.

  •  Direct sunlight hasn't hurt it, in fact it is doing A LOT better than it was when it was located  in indirect light.

  • Watering occurs about twice week with room temperature water; I believe I was over watering it before but have learned to look at the soil to make sure it is dry before watering.

  • About twice a month I add a little sugar water to the watering cycle. I learned this tip from my aunt, while visiting  her in South Carolina, she has a gorgeous FLF! She told me that she adds this mix to all of her plants, now I know her green thumb secret! Since adding this step, my FLF it has grown 6 new leaves since April (makes you remember grade school science with photosynthesis)! I don't add a lot to one cup of water, probably less than 1/4 teaspoon.

  • Make sure the roots are getting covered each watering day.

  • Dust leaves about every 2-3 months because the waxy leaves need to stay clean to absorb light.
I hope these tips help if you are having trouble making your plant baby live! xo

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  1. I have not seen this indoor trees anywhere! I was attempting to find one to show my mom, because she likes indoor plants (and out door..).

    I'm glad you were able to get the plant to bounce back from it's setbacks. If we ever find one and my mom gets one I'll pass the tips on to her. I really love the look of them too, but I'm not sure my new house will have enough life to support the tree. (we'll see!)

    1. BTW You should do a You Tube video of a house tour! You have such style, and I am sooooooooooooooooo nosy :)

    2. I got mine from Home Depot, but I think they have them seasonally. I would check in October for them. :) Thanks girl, will have to do one soon but I one project to complete before I do it, it is always a WIP. :) xo


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