I know it's been a while, how you doing? :)  We've had quite a busy summer and now school is a week away, how did that happen so quickly? so this is my life according to instagram (which I've been neglecting lately. :(

#projectlife still going strong, just put my last pages in my second album. There is nothing like a full  album. If you have questions on the type of supplies I use for my project life albums, click on my FAQ tab.

starbucks is always a good thing, especially when you need a quick energy boost to keep you sane.

I"m loving my curls and two months without using heat in my hair!  Two more months until I reach my goal of four months heat free. My favorite deep conditioner that is great on all types of hair is aussie 3 minute miracle moist. It is awesome, increases moisture in my hair (great for dry and chemically treated hair) and very affordable too.

I found this steal at a tj maxx private sale event less week. I love glamglow products and had a great result with this glamglow eye treatment and will be posting a review very soon!


  1. Excited for your review.

    Good job keeping up with Project Life! I completely abandoned the project this year. Maybe I'll do some makeshift thing and start new in January ;). I can't promise though.

    Your hair looks fab <3

    1. thanks girl, it really helped me to do it monthly. I am loving my hair curly but plan on getting it straighten and trimmed in October.


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