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It's pretty apparent that blogging and creating have taken a backseat in this stage of my life.  My children are at the point in their lives (preteen and teenager) where they do not like me sharing images of them online on an ongoing basis.  However, I am lucky sometimes and snap a photo here and there that they approve of to post on Facebook or Instagram.  I still have my scrap space in my bedroom but rarely sit at my desk anymore to create. I know....scrapbooking was such a huge part of my life for many years when my children were younger and really helped me feel great to be in a community with others like me that shared a common love of  family, friendship, creating and memory keeping.  Some of the best memories while scrapping were the friendships I made and girl trips to CHA and other events.

My life has a made a transition in where my children are more independent. I am still shocked sometimes that I have a 15 year old who wants to learn to drive! Currently I am in a different stage in my career as well, my job is a lot more demanding but also very rewarding and exciting.  Luckily I get to work events with my family as they volunteer while I manage Special Olympics events locally.  I love seeing them gain leadership skills while giving back to the community.

I've debated deleting this blog many times but can never bring myself to do it. So that leads me to this post, I am still around just not here in this space as often.  If you miss me ;), please subscribe to my youtube channel where I share my latest beauty obsessions, almost weekly vlogs, monthly and fashion favorites.  I'm also on snapchat:strawbvee, which I didn't think I would love but have enjoyed sharing  moment,thoughts and photos of my life. I hope we will continue our friendship in those spaces I've created and enjoyed being in over the last few years  I hope you are well, loved and happy! xo


  1. I need to catch up on your You Tubes! It's okay that you're in a different stage of your life now. I don't scrap anymore either. For one thing it's expensive, what's worse is I'll feel the need to buy stuff and than I don't use it.

    I'm glad you are still loving your job, and that your family enjoys volunteering for events.

    I deleted my Instagram, but you already know I'm on Snapchat since we follow each other ;). Thanks for popping in <3

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